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DP-Animator: Explosion 1.0.0

Description of DP-Animator: Explosion 1.0.0:
This freeware allows you to create realistic explosion animations with a few mouse clicks - no drawing skills required. Design your animations by setting shape, colors, and animation timings. Basic Properties: * Size and Speed are straightforward and control exactly what you would expect. * The seed control determines the initial parameters that generate a unique cloud shape. You can change the number to get another cloud shape or click the dice button for a random choice. * The rotation control sets the speed and direction of cloud morphing. Color properties: * The first option here is the “Translucency” that sets the opacity of the whole object. * There are two colors that can be changed. “Color 1” is the color of the central part of the explosion (the hottest part). The second, “Color 2”, is the color of the external part of the explosion (the coolest part). * “Color balance” sets the edge position between the two colors in the cloud. For instance, if the slider is put in the far left position, the larger part of the explosion cloud will be drawn with Color 2. * “Temperature” shifts the whole gamma to Color 1. For Instance, if the slider is put in the far left position, the whole cloud will be drawn with Color 1. * “Smoke” adds a black tone to the animation to simulate the smoke effect of the explosion. Timings: * This tab is responsible for the duration of all of the stages of the explosion. * “1st phase” is the duration of the initial explosion and cloud growth. * “2nd phase” is the duration of the intense burning. * The “3rd phase” is the duration of the cloud fading. * “Delay” is the delay before the 1st phase, and the “Pause” is the pause after the 3rd phase.

Supported OS: Windows XP

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