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SineGen 2.1

Precise software sine signal generator/source. Exhaustive parameter control: unlimited editing, accurate sliders, frequency and phase tweaking, double/half frequency. Real-time. Musical notes. Parameter presets. Timer. Well-done UI. Open source code.


OpenSebJ 0.1

OpenSebJ is a DJ sample music mixing tool; allowing both realtime composition and pre-setup replay. This unique mix makes OpenSebJ a creative and versatile audio tool.

Video mp3 Extractor

Video mp3 Extractor 1.2

Video mp3 Extractor extract audio from Video AVI, ASF, WMV files. Output audio file is mp3, and you can listen extracted audio with your mp3 player without any additional conversion or modification. Video mp3 Extractor provide simple and fast!

AnalogX Vocoder

AnalogX Vocoder 1.00

If you've ever wanted to make it sound as if an instrument is speaking, or you would like to get more expression into a robotic sounding voice, then AnalogX Vocoder is for you! It allows you to load up two wave files and modulate one based off the ot...

Stomper Ultra - the Drum Sound Synthesizer

Stomper Ultra - the Drum Sound Synthesizer 4.0

The ultimate software to generate deep, powerful, vibrant, analog-style kickdrum sounds. But although earth-shattering kicks is it's Forte, Stompers capabilities does NOT end there. With the new version 4.0 with nasty resonant analog-style filters, a...

Tone and Waveform Generator

Tone and Waveform Generator 1.03

The NCH Tone Generator is an application which willcreate tones using a computer with a sound card. Itcan create selected waveforms including sine, square,triangle, sawtooth, impulse and white noise atselected frequencies between 1 to 20,000Hz. It ca...

AnalogX Scratch

AnalogX Scratch 1.04

Allows you to scratch audio samples, just like a DJ scratches a record! It has several controls to vary the feel/technique, like turntable speed, hand speed, playback speed (+/- 50% instead of +/- 12%). Best of all, when you come up withsomething you...

AnalogX SayIt

AnalogX SayIt 2.02

Inspired by the old Speak & Spell toy, AnalogX SayIt allows you to type in any word or phrase, and it says it (via speech synthesis) into a WAV (16bit/44.1k) file that you specify, or allows you to preview it in realtime! Several options let you twea...