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NanoDemo 2.6

Description of NanoDemo 2.6:
Components included in NanoDemo: Screen Recorder: The screen recorder component can record all activities in full screen, active windows, fixed area and predefined area along with mouse and keyboard events. You can add various cursor and text effects during recording. Screen Video Editor: Once you've finished recording, you can turn your recording into a polished movie with the video editor component. You can edit the movie in timeline and add various sprites like video clip, callout, image, highlight. And finally, you can export the screen video to various formats such as Adobe Flash and AVI. Screen Video Codec: The Nano Screen Capture Codec (NSCC) provides lossless image quality coupled with excellent compression ratios. The NSCC is specially designed and optimized for screen capture so that the resulting files are small and highly compressed. With NanoDemo you can: * Develop fancy videos to demonstrate features of your new product (software, web site, etc.) or train new users of existing product. * Create movies used in user training and tutoring. Complex procedures can be shown quickly using captured program operation sequences. * Record other video format (such as real media file) into standard, editable, uncompressed AVI format movie file. * Record abnormal events for support and testing purposes. For example, you could record a sequence of actions to remind yourself later how to perform a certain task (or to show colleagues). * Develop multimedia material that can be shown on TV or burn to CD Rom. use it to promote your web site or other product. * Capture an entire course for online and CD delivery.

Supported OS: Windows XP

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