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Vignetting Reducer

Vignetting Reducer 1.0

The word vignetting is used to indicate an unintended darkening of the image corners in a photographic image. Vignetting Reducer is a simple tool for reducing vignetting in digital photos.

Picbus Photo Sharing

Picbus Photo Sharing 0.6.5

Share Unlimited Pictures Instantly! No uploading, No Waiting!

KBM Converter

KBM Converter 1.0.0

KBM Converter is a little freeware tool for converting KBM files for your Kenwood car hi-fi system. So you can convert files made for X789 to X790 model-kbm's for example. You also can specify some attributes like interval etc.


SpeeDefrag 3.0

Wanna defrag your hard disk fast download SpeeDefrag and feel the difference.

Jigetiser(tm) Calendar - Halloween 2005

Jigetiser(tm) Calendar - Halloween 2005

Stylish 3D Halloween calendars (PDF, Oct 05 - Sep 06). The images are based on 3D art and present the Halloween theme in a new kind of picture language. The homepage also offers jigsaw puzzles, screensavers, wallpapers and printable posters.

BVTech Plasmid

BVTech Plasmid 1.0

draw circle or linear DNA plasmid map with double strands or single strand,label the plasmid with genes and restriction sites in different colors, text, and styles.


orangePixelMeter 2005 1.01

orangePixelMeter 2005 is a small but fine application with which you can make simple and fast pixel measurement on screen. features: > Adjustable modifier keys and mouse buttons for starting measurement> Intelligent prompting> Auto update

Aurora XAML Designer for WinFX

Aurora XAML Designer for WinFX Beta 6.0

Aurora is a visual designer that produces XAML documents from the Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation Object Model.


Avi4Bmp 2.4

A conversion tool from (AVI,GIF,MPG) to (BMP,PNG) by Bottomap Software

Anry Color Picker

Anry Color Picker 1.0

Free color picker and color mixing tool features five formats of picked color value (HTML,RGB,HEX,HSB/HSV,HSL), 3x/9x zoom of any screen area, saving picked color history, RGB and RYB color wheels, two harmonious color finders and RGB color mixer.

Robotic Machine Vision Software

Robotic Machine Vision Software 1.0

RoboRealm is a powerful free computer vision based application for use in machine vision, image analysis, and image processing systems. Using an easy to use point and click interface complex image analysis becomes easy!

uMark Lite

uMark Lite 1.0

uMark Lite is a FREE batch image watermarking tool


i-Covers 2005.e

i-Covers is a free search engine for movie covers on the Internet. We have a database on the web allowing you to search through 14000 movie covers. The perfect freeware to seek, find and download jackets and posters.


Posteriza 1.0.10

Application for designing all kind of posters, posters and pancartas. Very easy to use, suitable for inexpert users.Without installation, just download and execute!. Free at all.

StudioLine Photo  Basic

StudioLine Photo Basic 2.10

StudioLine Photo Basic - Image editor, organizer and sharing.

Free Picture Resizer

Free Picture Resizer 1.0

This is a free image resizing utility done in VB.Net for the .NET platform, complete with source. Designed to be simple and easy to use, it allows you to enlarge or reduce an images size quickly and easily. Resize a variety of popular image file formats

DXF Import/Export Converter

DXF Import/Export Converter

AutoCAD DXF Import/Export plug-in for Pro Grapher that allows to read and manipulate data from and to CAD industry standard DXF files. Easy to use, high-quality conversion. Compatible with AutoDesk DXF Release 2000, 2002, 2004 / 2005. Conversion process

Xentient Thumbnails

Xentient Thumbnails 1.0.1

Xentient Thumbnails is a utility for replacing the generic icons of image files with thumbnail icons of the actual image. The utility automatically generates thumbnail icons for most popular image types including JPEG, PNG, GIF, and many others.


wag 2.0.0

'wag' is an application that can be used to generate an album of photos, viewable using any web browser.


VirtualBoard 1.11

VirtualBoard allows to directly use Windows desktop as graphical support to simply draw or to make quick educational or commercial presentations with minimum mouse handling.At the beginning, VirtualBoard was only created for professional needs: necessity