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DigitizeIt - digitize scanned graphs and charts

DigitizeIt - digitize scanned graphs and charts 1.5

  • Shareware
  • 39.00$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 12.1 MB

DigitizeIt can automatically digitize (x,y)-data from scanned graphs. Data values are transformed to a specified axes system and can be saved in ASCII format, ready to use in other applications. Can read most image formats (gif, png, tiff,bmp).


ChaosPro 3.02

ChaosPro is an MDI multithreaded fractal generator. It is based on 24 bit and can create truecolor images. Is it compatible to UltraFractal 2.05 and FractInt, has a built-in compiler, alpha channel support, layer support and can create Quaternions.

3D Grapher

3D Grapher 1.0

3D Grapher is a powerful but easy-to-use graphing software. It will help you create full-color animated 2-D and 3-D graphs and manipulate them. You can specify an unlimited number of equations which can be plotted using different colors and lighting ...

Mathematical Beauty

Mathematical Beauty 1.0

Geometric patterns generator based on simple formulas. This software is developed to help in mathematic learning, for web-design and for fun. No installation required.

WinCIG Chaos Image Generator

WinCIG Chaos Image Generator 1.03

Win32 application that creates chaos images. Very easy to use because of sophisticated automizations. Many options available for expert users.

s3D SecBuilder

s3D SecBuilder 1.0

Extremely ultimate cross-section building utilite: just choose desired 3D object from one of more than 20. Place three points simple by clicking mouse and ... get it! You may move, zoom in, out and rotate your object.


VisualMethodos 1.0

Function Graphs & Numerical Methods made easy!

Grab It!

Grab It! 1.1

A Microsoft Excel 97 spreadsheet based utility that reverse engineers graphs or charts to obtain the original data. Data can be log, linear, date, or time and can have multiple data sets. Accepts gif, jpg, and several other picture formats. Alsocontains a measurement function to measure from point to point on a scaled picture (micrograph, map, schematic). Output is displayed realtime next to the picture and can be formatted as numeric, scientific, dates, times, or general.