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PhotoComparer+ 1.1

Description of PhotoComparer+ 1.1:
PhotoComparer+ is an affordable photo (or any other type of image) comparison software application that can be used to compare two photos side by side. In this way, differences can be spotted and various assessments can be made. For example, doctors can use the application to compare two photos of a patient that were shoot on two different dates in order to identify the progress of an illness (for example dermatologists may use the application to monitor the progress of a lesion). Images can be opened and viewed in more detail by zooming in, or can be displayed in fullscreen mode, as a single image or even with two images side by side in fullscreen mode. It is also possible to easily zoom in to exactly the same point on the two images that are being compared (parallel zoom). It is possible, in order to enhance comparison, to overlay the main photo with the comparison photo. Additionally, adjustments such as brightness, contrast, sharpen, negative image, grayscale and image rotation can be applied. For each image comments can be inserted that are stored in a database. The photos can be opened with either with a simple drag and drop, or by right clicking on them while browsing their folder in Windows and selecting "Send To PhotoComparer+". Each photo can be printed together with the user details and the photo's comments. Also, they can be emailed directly.

Supported OS: Windows XP

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