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Sketch Pad 1.1

Description of Sketch Pad 1.1:
Are You ready to get the most successful app on IPHONE , Windows 8 and Blackberry.
And now its on Android too....Sketch Pad.
Sketch Pad is an awesome tool for sketching and editing photos much better then Photoshop or sketchbook by autodesk.

Sketch Pad is a professional app to make you an artist by creating pencil sketch of your photos.
Pick a picture from your gallery or capture one from your camera to generate the sketch.
We support both black-white and color sketch with 13 kinds of wonderful effects including: Gouache, PencilSketch, ColorPencil, WaterColor, HalfTone, SimpleSketch, ComicB&W, BlackBoard, BlackBoardColor, Print, B&W, PencilSketch2 and No sketch
You can also share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, E-mail, etc.
Sketch Pad is the best sketch app you can find on the market.
Come on and create wonderful and paintings.
* Resize photo: User can adjust the size of the picture by pressing buttons in 6 different ways
* 13 kinds of black-white and color sketch effects supported
* Full Screen work space with on demand UI
* Multi-touch navigation with a 2500% zoom
* Up to 3 layers you can merge and toggle visibility
* Opacity control on each layer
* Import layer from the Gallery on your device or Camera
* Save to the Gallery on your device
* 6 Preset Brushes, including Flood fill tool
* Synthetic pressure sensitivity (brush fade-off)
* Smooth brush stroking
* Add text to current layer
* Dynamic symmetric drawing
* Color Wheel and Customizable Color Swatches
* Layers
* Handwritten correction
* Undo,Redo
* Several Brushes
* Text on the path
* HSV,Table color select, Color Spoid
* Thickness control
* 1x-40x zoom
You can share the picture on facebook , google , twitter and facebook home .
Facebook home is the latest sevice and we support that.
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Supported OS: Android

System Req: Android 2.1 and up

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