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HACP 1.9

HACP stands for Hacp Audio Cd Player. It's a simple but handy CD player with support for freedb (the alternative for CDDB), CD TEXT, multiple CDROM drives. The program has 2 different interfaces: a normal view and a very basic tiny view.

CD Ripper & MP3 Encoder & MP3 Decoder

CD Ripper & MP3 Encoder & MP3 Decoder 1.04

  • Shareware
  • 29.95$
  • 05-Aug-2010
  • 1.2 MB

Grab or Rip CD. Convert CD, WAV to MP3 and Convert MP3 to CD, WAVE.It can grab CD and convert it into MP3 files directly. It converts WAVE to MP3 or MP3 to WAVE. It is also a music player, it plays CD, MP3 or WAV songs.

Lean CD

Lean CD 2.5

  • Shareware
  • 5.00$
  • 08-May-2009
  • 85.0 KB

How would you like to add CD playback controls to all your software? Lean CD is a full featured CD player that uses minimal screen space. Stick it in the titlebars of your favorite apps, and have instant access to your CDs, all the time. LeanCD suppo...

Quintessential Player

Quintessential Player 3.0

Quintessential Player, formerly Quintessential CD, brings the user a huge arsenal of quality features, and uses simplicity as its decoy. It is truly the most unique player available. QP is now freeware, so pick up a copy if you have already done so i...


EasyCD 2.0 Final

EasyCD support custom interfaces called skins, CDDB and HotKeys. Resides in Notify Tray of the Taskbar. Fast operation of most common actions using the context menu, tray icon and CD Form. Support unlimited size cdplayer.ini and CDDB Editor.

OrangeCD Suite

OrangeCD Suite 3.11

This suite of applications is all you ever need to manage your audio CD library. A Digital Audio Database tool and an original CD player are both designed to bring music to your workspace, while at work or home. This software can keep information abo...


CD-Cool 2.0

CD-Cool is a full featured CD-Player. CD-Cool has atouch sensitive display. Shows elapsed time,remaining time, track title, etc. CD-Cool has a fullset of shuttle buttons (play, stop, pause, next track,seek, numbered buttons). Play lists may also becr...


AxelCD 2.15

A very attractive CD Player that also happens to be free. Its slick-looking GUI has multiple 'touch-sensitive' and 'click-sensitive' areas, as well as special visual effects such as animated buttons, fade-ins, and fade-outs. You'll find all the stand...


Sidi 1.1

An audio CD player and manager with a simple and unobtrusive user interface. Sidi offers a rich set of features including the ability to retrieve information about the CD you are playing from the Microsoft CD Player database, and from the Internet (C...


CD++ 3.0

Plays, catalogues and samples from audio and mixed-mode CDs. Catalogued CDs are recognized on loading.Segments (named sub-sections of tracks) can be definedand are also catalogued. Segments can be used forcueing, and also to define ranges for samplin...

CD Music

CD Music 1.3

CD Player, Plays Wave File List, Can trace lyrics for karaoke.

Raci (Report Audio CD Information)

Raci (Report Audio CD Information) 2.0 Beta

A reporting and editing tool for cdplayer.ini, the data file for Microsoft's Audio CD player (cdplayer.exe) that comes free with Windows95 and WindowsNT. It displays the information in a hierarchical tree showing Artist, Album, and Track information.

CD Wizzard

CD Wizzard 4.60

It will fully integrate into the shell and places anicon on the tray. CD Wizzard now includes printing andhas an import function to import disc data from otherprograms. Now includes the ability to download trackand disc names from the internet (CDDB Databases), nomore typing!

Notify CD Player

Notify CD Player 1.51.3

CD Player that resides in Notify Tray of the Taskbar. Fast operation of most common actions using the tray icon. Built in support for the Internet based CDDB database and much more.