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KaraokeKanta 6.01

Description of KaraokeKanta 6.01:
KaraokeKanta is an application that helps you play instrumental formats of karaoke MIDI (mid & kar). It is designed for both home use and for professional karaoke clubs. The interface is easy to use and can be displayed simultaneously on two separate monitors or a monitor and a TV screen. Play MID & KAR karaoke formats: TE Play instrumental karaoke files in most common formats for computer. Sincronized recording from song and voice: TE Record your songs in digital WAV format by pressing just one button. Exclusive system voices: TE Swap voices and make virtual bands, you can sing and record on the same song. Change the tone and speed of the song: TE New controls for tone, speed and volume of the playing song. Store and song search: TE Organize your songs into folders, subfolders and search for them quickly with the search system. Play MP3 WMA CD+G KOK LRC karaoke formats: TE Play digital karaoke files in most common formats for computer. Doble screen to TV: TE With the TV screen, you can see KaraokeKanta in a full screen mode on your tv or in another display. Songs reports: TE Saves the changes of tone, volume ... of the songs on your playlists. Make reports of songs. Keyboard Shortcuts: TE Manages karaoke functions with the keyboard, without the mouse. Positioning and marking system: TE Learning songs will now be easier thanks to new aid KaraokeKanta incorporated. Creating playlists: TE Make Your lists and sets the order in which the songs appear. Controls for handling song: TE Management controls for the song and browse the playlist. TE Sound effects while playing the song; TE Enables sounds to be played during the song, applause, boos, laughs... Digital effects on music: TE Adjusts the sound of digital files with the new EQ of 3 frequencies. Membership access to CLUB SONG: TE Post your songs in the club and everyone will listen. Have fun making friends with other singers who share your passion for music.

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