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LvB's X 2.0

Description of LvB's X 2.0:
This software works as a composer, not as a tool for composing. That is a fundamental difference! LvB's X composes music - ALL BY ITSELF - without any help from you. LvB's X composes music. LvB's X is VIRTUAL MUSIC COMPOSER. You don't have to know anything - ANYTHING AT ALL - about composing, music theory, computers... It's easy to use with no complicated settings, submenus, hidden options... Everything is in front of you! The only thing you have to do is to use defaults or to choose settings you prefer. Then click Generate 5 or 15 min. And Play. That's all! This music belongs to you. The author's rights of the composed music by LvB's X are legally your property!!! Essentially, the program's algorithm is designed to control and, consequently, to obtain the well-balanced and the best possible relationship between the choice of a note and its duration. Very important: all except the drums, every note of every instrument has its own sample. THERE IS NO MUSICAL PREDETERMINATIONS AS LOOP-BASED SAMPLES!!! In practice, LvB's X is capable to generate a basic motive of "any-song-ever-written" (of course, nobody is interested in that). But, LvB's X is capable to generate a basic motive of any "as-yet-unwritten-song" (purpose/expected results). For LvB's X it is the same!!! It's up to you to make the distinction between "written" and "unwritten"! During testing phase, this software "wrote" a basic motive of some well-known songs. Why didn't we put those examples in our media-library on site? The results are hard to believe! You have to experience it! At last, the purpose of this software is to look for "as-yet-unwritten-song"!!!

Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

System Req: display 1024 x 860

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